Friday, December 30, 2011

Originals and some that were inspired by others...

Sept 2011: Made for a friend who lost his beloved dog.  The card was originally a cat sympathy card I found on line from  I modified it using the dog and different colors and stamps.  I am glad to have found the video with this idea.  I was at a loss on how to help my friend and this was just a perfect idea when words are hard to find. 

A Thank You Card to my Uncle for taking us fishing this past summer. 

Dec 2011: This idea came from Card Maker Magazine.  Not exactly like the other but close.  It was so pretty in the magazine, I wanted to try it. 
Dec 2011: My tags for my caramel corn I made for my co-works.  60 bags and 60 tags....whew!

Dec 2011: Stand and Salute Cartridge  - A  Happy Birthday card for my nephew. 

Dec 2011: Just playing and using scraps and recycling ribbon.  Cardztv with Mary was my inspiration for this one.  I had a similar idea but needed some guidance. 

Another version of the above.  Oh what fun!

2011: Rhinestone Cowgirl - made for a friend of mine.